Grocery / Retail



You ask, we deliver.

Why Partner With DUMAC?


  • World class software written in the United States by a company that is easy to do business with
  • Very easy to set-up, train, upgrade, and maintain
  • A strong user community with heavy input into feature and product direction
  • We are Agile, Nimble, and Responsive
  • Intuitive software with built in workflows and guardrails
  • Feature rich with strong promotion management tools
  • Includes a Dashboard with e-mail alerts
  • Built in A/R
  • Includes a Direct Store delivery option or can integrate to a 3rd party DSD
  • Multilevel security
  • Strong Cash Management
  • Customizable Reporting with Drill Downs and Intelligent Archiving:
  • Includes e-mail and FTP options
  • Option for cloud based reporting with SBOnet

Core Values

  • Help retailers to sustain and grow their businesses
  • Listen and respond
  • Do the right thing
  • Focus on the customer
  • Innovate

3rd Party Integrations

Easy for 3rd Parties to integrate to RORCv6 via our One Way and Two Way interfaces:

  • Web Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • CCTV
  • Loyalty
  • Self Checkout
  • Sign & Label
  • Web Shopping
  • Mobile Shopping
  • Accounting Systems
  • Fuel Integration
  • Payment Gateway Options
  • And More
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To schedule a demo, or to order RORC's new grocerant solution, please call 315-463-1010 ext. 4 or email

DUMAC Business Systems provides industry-leading point of sale and back-office software, bundled hardware, and business consultation and support services for the Quick Service, Supermarket, and Convenience store industries. For more information - or to order DUMAC's software, products, and support services, please call 315-463-1010.