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The DUMAC Difference

Learn more about the history of DUMAC and what drives us to serve our customers each and every day.


"Our customers mean everything."

— Howard McCarthy, Owner/President and CEO

We built our reputation on our ability to provide our customers with the best possible service and support, and our promise every day is to deliver solutions that make your business better.

Our History

William C. McCarthy and Hugh O. Duskee founded DUMAC in 1952 as a partnership. Both Bill McCarthy and Hugh Duskee were Field Technicians for NCR in the late 1940s prior to forming DUMAC. Ruth McCarthy coined the name “DUMAC” by combining the “DU” for Duskee and the nickname of Bill McCarthy, “Mac” to form DUMAC. At the opening of DUMAC, Bill and Hugh serviced NCR cash registers at a labor rate of $0.50 an hour!

As a third-generation, family-owned and operated business, with corporate offices in Syracuse, NY, and branch offices in Massachusetts and Oklahoma, DUMAC has grown since our inception in 1952. 

DUMAC employs approximately 200 people living in 27 states with over 75% of staff dedicated specifically to customer service and support.

We hold a strong belief that we treat our customers as our partners. Our philosophy is the baseline of our business, as we take a consultative approach to each project and implementation. We strive to treat each of our customers as though you are our only customer to ensure the best outcome, service, and support. We believe in our corporate responsibility and are committed to living our core values.






Our passion drives us individually and collectively. We love what we do, and we strive to excel and succeed.



We operate with honesty, always do the right thing (not the easy thing), honor our commitments, and be dependable. When we make a promise, we deliver.



We think differently, with a commitment to creativity and continuous improvement.

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We listen, and strive to understand and anticipate our customer’s needs and requirements.

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Our focus is on addressing challenges with our own solutions. Just as importantly, we will always inform our customer if we are not the right fit.

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Positive Attitude

We are committed, courteous, compassionate, and humble.

Our Corporate Responsibility

We are guided by our principle beliefs of innovation, agility, and commitment. Everything we do is built on our commitment to do the right thing for our people, our partners, and our community.

We create and implement commerce solutions for a connected world.

Our Purpose

"Creating Commerce Solutions for a Connected World."

Vision Statement

We are dedicated to delivering innovative commerce solutions that provide our partners with offerings that enrich the experience of all the individuals they serve.

Mission Statement

We strive to design, develop, implement, and maintain innovative, commerce solutions that best fit our customers’ requirements and enhance their growth, while delivering superior service and support.


experience the dumac difference

DUMAC works with our clients to understand their pain points and to develop sound business and financial cases for the proposed commerce technology solutions. We partner with you to provide complete, customized end-to-end solutions for your store.

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