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A Complete Technology Solution for Grocery Stores

Our RORC suite of services provides a complete technology solution to transition your store's legacy systems into flexible, future-proof technology.


Independently owned supermarkets rely on RORC as their POS System to run over 20,000 lanes nationally that process over $36B in consumer sales! 

RORC is DUMAC's industry-leading Supermarket POS, Grocerant POS, Back-Office, and DSD software. Its flexible and scalable features enable future-proof technology enhancements that help you manage, market, and grow your business.

  • Scalable software designed to be nimble, agile, and responsive to industry needs
  • Interactive user group provides direct input from end-users on the direction of feature development
  • Complete POS solution suite to handle all needs of the independent grocer
  • Seamless integrations into best of breed third-party software packages
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Back Office and Multi-Store Host

With our powerful back-office and hosting system you are able to manage across your enterprise from one centralized software package. The ability to manage price zones and reporting is key when operating a multi-store environment.

  • Track sales across multi-store/regions
  • Price optimization
  • Inventory management and computer-generated/assisted ordering
  • Comprehensive back-door delivery (DSD) program
  • Scale integration with ingredient management

Big Bunny Market Implements FastLane to Improve Customer Service

Self-Checkout Solutions

NCR Fastlane - R6L Plus

With an everchanging world in which customers demand customer service and speed, we offer the NCR R6L Plus Fastlanes. Building on NCR’s 20 years of market leadership and the modern consumer in mind, this model represents the best in class technology and features.


  • LED Lighting to help attendants stay ahead of customer interventions
  • Built-in cameras for added security
  • Produce assurance providing faster and easier produce scanning
  • Upgraded note recycling capabilities reduce balancing and cash management tasks

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Cloud Reporting and Customer Engagement

Increase productivity, basket size, and customer retention by utilizing our cloud reporting and customer engagement platform. Our ability to push and report on live data gives you the edge in decision making and customer engagement.

  • Full suite loyalty and rewards engine within lane interaction
  • Fully integrated click and collect offerings to leverage the virtual presence
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards to manage your business
  • Customer-facing and internal smartphone and tablet app’s to expand your reach

Service and Support

Our 24/7 service and support team can keep your store running smoothly. We offer multiple plans to suit the needs of each customer. From on-site to our advanced exchange program we can keep your system running. Our service network is ready to respond at a moment's notice!

  • 24/7 service and support team can help minimize downtime
  • On-site and advanced plans to fit your needs
  • Preventative maintenance plans help stay ahead of issues and ensure your system operating efficiently
  • Local service no matter where you are located
  • Interactive call reporting and ticket system so you know exactly what the status is at all times
  • Simplified billing-less confusion over coverage

DUMAC is a wonderful partner. We have been with DUMAC for over 20 years and consider it the best partnership out of all of our suppliers and vendors. DUMAC has helped us take this quantum leap. They help keep us current on technology solutions and invested for where we need to be in the future.”

We evaluated and considered the many options for POS solutions to support C&S retailers throughout the United States. DUMAC is a leading commerce technology solutions provider with a world-class team. We have selected the best solution for our customers. Together, we have the opportunity to change how people shop at their favorite independent supermarkets.”


Don’t let aging infrastructure and technology hold you back

DUMAC works with our clients to understand their pain points and to develop sound business and financial cases for the proposed technical solutions. We partner with you to provide complete, customized end-to-end solutions for your store. Our proven methodology and extensive network of industry experts qualify us to provide diversified and customized support to address each phase of the project lifecycle.

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