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Simplified POS & Back-Office Reporting for Quick Service

Partner with DUMAC to determine the perfect software, hardware, payment system, and reporting tools to streamline your entire quick service operation.

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Critical business data and optimized analytics for your quick service restaurant


More than 75,000 quick service restaurants run on NCR Aloha technology

DUMAC partners with NCR to provide cutting-edge POS solutions Aloha and Xpient POS, integrated with our industry-leading back-office software, SBOnet.

SBOnet, a web-based reporting and inventory system for the QS industry, was developed by DUMAC to provide multi-unit operators a better way to control costs. As an advanced back-office software solution, SBOnet is used by restaurant operators to report on sales, order product, manage inventory, schedule employees, and provide key performance metrics.

Key Benefits

  • Open platform
  • Flexibility to add new features while offering the same great experience
  • Scale/grow your restaurant operations
  • Easy to implement
  • Less time and cost to train your staff
  • More time to focus on your customers
  • Multiple layers of redundancy

Don’t let aging infrastructure and technology hold you back

DUMAC serves thousands of quick service restaurants across North America and in Aruba, Puerto Rico, Suriname and the Virgin Islands. Find out how our industry-leading software and hardware solutions, along with unrivaled support, can improve every aspect of your business.

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