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DUMAC Business Systems, Inc. Announces Rebrand

DUMAC Business Systems, Inc. recently unveiled a comprehensive rebrand to reflect the company’s partner-focused vision and approach to providing innovative commerce solutions.

The evolution of the new brand architecture builds on DUMAC’s 68-year name recognition and includes a new logo, positioning, website, and company brand assets.

“Our customers and partners mean everything,” said Mr. Howard McCarthy, president and chief executive officer at DUMAC. “It is very important our new branding evokes the history of the company but also conveys our future-forward thinking of how technology and commerce solutions need to help our partners and their customers.”

Mr. McCarthy continued, “Our outward branding may be taking on a new modern look, but our consultative approach remains at the center of our business. We are an extension of our customers’ companies. We always look to do the right thing and provide the level of excellence in service our partners and their customers have come to expect. This is our approach to everything we do.”

The DUMAC logo brings a sharp, bold, and modern new visual identity to the brand with a deeper color palette that evokes passion, integrity, and fosters resilience. The dotted arrow symbol in the logo represents forward movement, agility, and how technology influences our everyday lives.

DUMAC’s agility and future-forward thinking are reflected in the company’s new tagline and corporate responsibility statement, as well as renewed vision, mission, and core values which can all be found on the new site.

About DUMAC Business Systems, Inc.

DUMAC Business Systems, Inc. based in Syracuse, N.Y., is recognized as a leading solutions provider of point-of-sale software, hardware, and services to the independent grocery, quick-serve restaurant, and convenience store industries. Established in 1952, DUMAC has grown to over 300 employees, with over 75% of staff explicitly dedicated to in-house software development, customer service, and support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally every company needs to evaluate and update its brand expression. DUMAC unveiled a comprehensive rebrand to better reflect our partner-focused vision and approach to providing innovative commerce solutions.

No – As our business name remains unchanged, you will not have to change or update any contact points, addresses, or phone numbers. All invoices, purchase orders, and other transactional communications from DUMAC will continue as they are today. The rebrand is not resulting in any changes to physical locations or points of contact.

No – You will continue to be supported by the same contacts and all DUMAC team member emails, phone numbers, and extensions will remain the same.

The rebrand does not affect any of DUMAC’s existing products or software. We will continue to provide a wide range of products, services, and training programs. As a technology company, we will continue to bring you innovative solutions and add to our portfolio as well as continue to provide software updates and releases. This is our ongoing efforts to continually best support you. Over time, we will be rebranding to include our new company logo.

Yes – All contracts and agreements are still valid. Any documentation including contracts that have branding will be updated with our new logo as they come up for renewal.

While we may introduce new support tools over time, our rebrand will not change the way we do business with you. Our Support and Sales teams will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

The rebrand has no effect on payment details nor terms and conditions.

Yes – The rebrand has no effect on orders, implementations, integrations, or shipments.

The rebrand does not affect any technical information or documentation previously supplied to you. Any new or revised documentation will carry our new branding and will be incorporated as a rolling change.

You will still be able to access our online platforms using your existing credentials. We are in the process of updating our websites and offerings to provide a better user experience. As a result, you may only need to update any areas you may have bookmarked. As always, if you do encounter any issues, our Support teams will be happy to assist you.

DUMAC is identifying and prioritizing instances where visual branding should be updated immediately versus a rolling change. Priorities will be handled with several factors in mind. DUMAC will prioritize elements with higher impact while most elements will be a rolling change throughout the year. This should have minimal to no impact on you as a customer.

Yes – absolutely! We continue to be very proud of our history and heritage. Merchandise with the retired logo can certainly be worn. New apparel and items are in production and will carry the new logo and branding. There will be opportunities to acquire new items as they become available!

The release of the new brand strategy and logo will begin as of March 1st. After the launch, you will begin to see the new logo throughout our communications and assets beginning with email signatures, business cards, a new website and similar items. Brand guidelines and assets are in development. The roll-out of the new DUMAC brand will take place as a rolling change throughout 2020 with complete change-over by year end.

Our support teams and your account manager can assist you with any questions that may arise. If it is a rebrand specific question, please email